Kristal Maya [Episod 6]

Pelakon jelita Diana Danielle berkongsi pengalaman mencemaskan apabila belakang badannya mengalami kesakitan yang teruk baru-baru ini.

Kata Diana, situasi itu sukar untuk diterangkan sehingga dia merasakan kesakitan itu umpama mengalami keguguran.

“Oh my god, last night I had something really unexplainable happen and it was so sudden. .

“I had the worst cramps on my lower back AND my lower abdominal area that when it happened naturally I would start to self massage to soothe the area, but my pelvic area was so tender and sore that pressing on it hurt so much.

“It started with the middle part of my spine, felt an incredible stiffness that when I lie down and move in a certain angle, my back had this stiff and sore pain, an hour after that the overwhelming cramp took over.

“I swear I could feel as if I had a miscarriage (but it wasnt the case), I tried to stand up and stretch my body but I was left like a hunchback and had to lie down and wait for it to go away (2 hours of waiting in agony),” kongsinya.

Diana juga memberitahu keadaan tersebut terjadi kebarangkalian akibat dia kurang rehat.

“My doctor friend says I may be experiencing muscle spasms along my spine due to limited rest, so am gonna take it easy & I have my muscle relaxant on standby. This calls for a trip to the chiro,” tambahnya.

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